Ambajipeta Marriage Band Movie Theatrical Trailer Out


Ambajipeta Marriage Band Movie Trailer: Suhas was recognized as a hero in the movie 'Color Photo'. He made the audience cry with his performance in this movie. Natural Star Nani was later again impressed with his natural performance at that level. Before this, Suhas, who appeared as a character artist in some films, stepped up as a hero with a color photo. 

Directed by Sandeep Raj, this movie also won the National Award. After the color photo, the comedian, on the other hand, played the role of a hero. He also played a negative role. It is known that Suhas impressed the audience with his role with negative shades in 'Hit 2' starring Adavi Sesh.

Recently, this young hero who had good success with the movie 'Writer Padmabhushan' is going to come with the movie 'Ambajipeta Marriage Bandu' soon. Directed by Dushyant Katikaneni, the film stars Shivani Nagaram opposite Suhas. The film's trailer was released on Wednesday after getting a good response to the already-released teaser and songs. The recently released trailer is impressive and emotionally connected. It looks like Suhas is guaranteed to make the audience cry again with this movie.

As for the trailer... When a boy who plays a band in the village falls in love, his life changes? What difficulties did his sister face? Did the hero for the sister? Did he finally win his love? That is the story of this movie. If you look at the trailer, you can understand that the film is going to convey love, insults, revenge, and revenge in a village nativity. 

At the start of the trailer, the fun scenes between the hero and heroine are shown. When the hero's friend told the heroine, "If Maodu's band plays here, you can hear it all the way to Ambajipeta Center," the heroine countered by saying, "If that's the case, will you play from here for the wedding there?"

After that, scenes like love and romance between the hero and heroines increased curiosity about the movie. On the other hand, the heroine's elder sister works as a teacher in the school and faces many insults. The trailer was interesting with the scenes of how the hero fought against those insults. Moreover, the highlight of the trailer is the shot of Suhas shaving. 

Will the heroine die in the movie due to this? Is it for the heroine that the hero sits in front of the pyre and cries? Doubts are also being expressed. If the same is true, let's see if this movie will also have a sad ending like a color photo movie. Produced by GA2 Pictures, Mahayana Motion Pictures, and Dhiraj Mogileni Entertainments, the film has music composed by Shekhar Chandra. The film will hit the screens on February 2.