Neru Movie Review

Emotional Courtroom Drama

Director: Jeetu Joseph

Artist: Mohanlal, Priyamani, Nandu, Anaswara Rajan, Dinesh Prabhakar etc.

Neru Movie Review: Malayalam star hero Mohanlal-Jeetoo Joseph combination's latest movie 'Neru'. It is known that these two are a hit combination. The scene became a blockbuster hit with sequels. Not only in Malayalam but also in other languages, this movie has been well-received by the audience. This has created a good craze for the combo of the two. 

A good buzz has been created on 'Neru' which was released in this background. This movie was released in Malayalam theater and became a huge success. It was a hit at the box office and collected Rs. 100 crores. Now this movie is available in Telugu on digital platforms. How is this emotional court drama streaming from late at night on the popular OTT platform Disneyplus Hotstar? Will the Telugu audience like it? Let's see here!

Neru Movie Story:

This is a story set in Kerala. Sara (Anaswara Rajan) is the only child of Mohammed (Jagadish) couple. A good noble family. Growing up wildly, Sara is 12 when she is diagnosed with a rare disease. Sara's parents, who lost their sight because of it, protect them like eyelids. Blind Sarah tells a man's nature, character, and personality through his touch. Moreover, he also has a unique skill. It is that skill that exposes Sarah's abuser. One day Sarah's parents go to a relative's function.

Sara is alone at night when an unknown man rapes her. This leads to a legal battle as to who he is. In this process, even the police are tired of not being able to find out who that person is. So Sarah makes the figure of that person by touch. As the sculpture bears close resemblance to Michaela Joseph (), the police identify him and arrest him. 

As he is the son of a prominent businessman from Mumbai, the case becomes sensational. He shows the hope of money to Sarah's family to withdraw the case. But Sara decides that it doesn't matter if she gets justice... she will fight. And to win the case, the famous lawyer Rajasekhar (Siddikh) hires Michael's father as an advocate.

He has the talent to win any difficult case with his arguments. This makes the story more interesting. On the other hand, Sara's father Vijay Mohan (Mohanlal) approaches. He asks them to plead on behalf of their daughter. At first, Vijay Mohan admits to the case and backs down after looking at Sara persistently. 

Prepares to plead the case. This is when the real story begins. Who raped Sarah? What are the consequences after Vijay Mohan's case is taken up.. How did Vijay Mohan do justice to Sara in such a situation.. Poornima Rajasekhar (Priyamani) is nobody? What is her relationship with Vijay Mohan? You have to watch the movie to know.

Neru Movie Analysis: 

Jeetu Joseph's movie itself has a unique point in it. Also, Nehru also took a new point. He took the unique point of taking a legal battle without even knowing who the person was. He was successful in making the movie. He started the story with the rape incident in Sara's house.. and then added interesting incidents and increased the interest of the audience. Jeetu Joseph's style of taking is known to be quite different. Half an hour after the start of the movie, it doesn't mean anything. Only then he leads the film by bringing the key characters into the story and adding interesting scenes in between. He did the same in Neru.

The way in which the key roles are shown long after the start of the movie, the arrest of the person who committed the crime, and the decisions that take a key role in the court proceedings are very impressive with interesting elements. The story progressed slowly till Mohanlal's arrival, but the twists after that, the arguments in the court, the discussions, and solving the obstacles in the middle, every element seemed interesting. In court, Sarah is confused by Michael's lawyer pestering her with questions. Drashyam here and there in Nehru, Vakil Saab movie touch. But on the whole, the movie will please the audience.

Neru Movie Actors Performance:

I must say that every character in Neru is very impressive. As lawyer Vijay Mohan, Mohanlal suited the role well. Anaswara Rajan's acting as a blind woman and her facial expressions are a highlight. Priyamani, Dinesh Prabhakar, and Siddique have done justice to their roles. Jeetu Joseph's work is once again praised. The screenplay is good, the way the story leads to a suspenseful ending, even though the crime is already known in the movie. Jeetu Joseph has succeeded in making the film with all the necessary elements of a courtroom.